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The Nasht-Kaman-Thah Cabal

From Celephais to Kadath and Back Again

The Nasht-Kaman-Thah Cabalists
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        In H.P. Lovecraft's The Dream Quest for Unknown Kadath, Atal, the patriarch of Ulthar, distinguishes between one's "especial dream world" and "the general land of vision that many know"—The Dreamlands, where lie Celephais and Kadath, perfumed jungles and frozen wastes, sunken cities, cloud cities, underground mountains rising from seas of bones, prehistoric temples of unimaginable gods, Edenic wilderness of surpassing beauty, night gaunts, shantaks, cats, zoogs, ghasts, gugs, and ghouls. We, the Na-Ka-Tha Cabalists, seek to use the Dreamlands as our common guide to escape from dull dreams of everyday non-adventures. With these images resonating between us, we hope to explore the Dreamlands in perfect lucidity.
        Most of the work has been done for us: hundreds of pages describing fantastic realms and cities, curious inhabitants, forbidden places, terrible monsters, and more terrible gods. Together, these stories and poems constitute a vast, expansive vision of beauty and horror, one that is shared by us all. Through deep reading, discussion, writing, daydreams, lucid dreams, and focused reveries, we bend our thoughts to the shared vision, gladly alienating ourselves from those lamentably ordinary dreams that fill our especial dream worlds, full of automobiles, telephones, celebrities, world leaders, ugly buildings, labyrinthine office complexes, and other dreary things we experience too well in the waking world.
        In the hopes of establishing a dream presence independent of the waking world, each of us adopts a nom-de-reve (dream name), by which we address one another, and an indicium (indentifying feature), which may influence one another's dreams while enhancing our own lucidity. We sympathize with Randolph Carter and Kuranes, who were propelled on their adventures by smoldering childhood memories. We remember a nearly-lost sense of mystery and expectation—the unblazed trails, the undiscovered vistas, the secret glades, the glimpses of wilderness that extended endlessly in our imaginations, paved with exotic flowers, and harboring beasts known only by their faraway howls.
        We know that the brick and mortar of the Dreamlands are not only fancy and beauty, but also nostalgia, terriblisma, world-weariness, and horror. We, the Na-Ka-Tha Cabalists, are prepared to explore romantic as well as nightmarish terrain; and with reckless imagination, expect to glimpse ever more marvelous and hideous sights.

        The cabal does not discuss or practice magic; it is not an astral projection community; it is not a roleplaying group, nor is it strictly a writing circle. We dream Lovecraft dreams. It is best to think of the Cabal as an experiment that asks the question(s) Can a group of people who agree upon one vision (Lovecraft's Dreamlands in particular, though not exclusively), and who cherish that vision enough to dedicate some of their time to re-reading it, discussing it, daydreaming it—can they dream the same thing? Will they dream it vividly, richly, memorably? Will they help each other to dream more fantastic dreams, or hinder? Can focusing on a specific, common vision actually enhance and deepen that vision, or deaden it?

--primroseport, known in dreams as Fair-hair. Email: nashtkamanthah AT livejournal DOT com

Active Cabalists
Fair-hair, a machete at his hip (primroseport)
Ilna, her eyelinered Egyptian eyes (ilna)
Von Junzt, a small Celtic cross around his neck (vonjunzt)
Bear, a fishing rod held over one shoulder (wendiigo)
Priest, a tattoo on his left arm (sorrowful_relic)
Aristagoras, white-visaged in mask and goggles (aristagoras)
Nrah, a ring with two thin black bands(voskat)
, a wicked crown on his head (mordicai)

Cabal Records are divided into the following categories:

    Agenda and Arcana: The business and protocol of the Cabal, its objectives, its scope. The impetus and original mission-statement of the cabal here reside, as well as any changes in that mission or guidelines thereof. Finally, you will find technical notes about the website itself.

    Bedhellos from Bedfellows: Introductory speeches from new cabalists.

    Craftworks of Love: Insight from the old dreamer himself.

    Hyp-gnosis: Posts about the science and art of dreaming.

    Inspiracy: Anything that inspires our conspiracy: images, words, sounds. See something that reminds you of Lovecraft's Dreamlands? Show us. Remember, we are trespassing on the footpaths of the Gods--we need all the help we can get.

    Reconnaissance: Actual testimony of forbidden places. The dreams we seek, if only fleeting glimpses.

    Somnambule's Chemistry: Herbal aids, flying ointments, etc.
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